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Guardian Application

Guardians play a significant role on every Honor Flight of West Central Florida Mission, ensuring that every Veteran has a safe and memorable experience. The one-day trip flies from the St. Petersburg - Clearwater Airport to Baltimore Washington Airport and returns to the St. Petersburg - Clearwater Airport that evening.

Duties include, but are not limited to, physically assisting the Veterans at the airport, during the flight and at the memorials. Guardians must be between 18 and 70 years of age and CANNOT be the spouse/significant other of the Veteran. Guardians are required to pay their own expenses (airline fare, etc.) directly to Honor Flight of West Central Florida in the amount of $500 and be willing and able to walk long distances, push a Veteran in a wheelchair, experience possible heat, cold, wetness, and support a 20+ hour day.

For further information, please contact us at or call us at 727-498-6079.

Thank you for your support!

Please complete the application form below. Alternatively, you can download, print, fill out, and mail in your application by clicking here.

(please note that the name and date of birth provided must exactly match with your Photo ID for airline travel)

Do you suffer from any physical disabilities, restrictions and/or medical conditions that could limit your ability to fulfill the duties of a Guardian?

Are you currently serving or have ever served in the military?

I am:

May we contact you in the future via phone or email about Honor Flight events or activities?


To help ensure a safe and memorable experience, Honor Flight assigns each Veteran his/her own personal Guardian for the day. Would you like to travel with a specific Veteran?

Please provide the Veteran's contact information below. The Veteran Application must be completed by your potential Veteran and submitted with your Guardian Application to assure consideration, however selection is NOT guaranteed. If you are the spouse/partner/significant other of the requested Veteran, you are NOT eligible to be his/her Guardian:

(Spouse or Other, cannot be a Veteran on the Flight)

(Cannot be your Spouse or a Veteran on the Flight)